The Royal Oak Inn, Meavy, Devon - The perfect Dartmoor hideaway for drinking and dining. The best village inn near Plymouth with good beer, real ale, and fine food.

The Wine List at the Royal Oak Inn

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Wines at The Royal Oak

Wine List



Quality, value and a great compatibility with our food menus.


Wine Guide

White & Rosé wines are designated numbers 1 to 9 with 1 being the driest and 9 being the sweetest.

Red wines are designated letters A to E with A being the lightest and softest and E being the deepest and fullest with a full bodied flavour.

Vintages and % volumes may change according to availability.


The Wine List is available as a pdf file:  download the Wine List.


Fine wines avalable at the Royal Oak Inn

Impromptu music at the Royal Oak Inn

Royal Oak Inn, Meavy