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Additional information on Liquor Licenses

The Royal Oak will operate and run your pay bar – we apply for a Temporary Event Notice on your behalf. We arrange all liquor licenses. All licensing hours are tailored to suit your event!

If you have free bar package with us, this does not require a license.

Once the allocated drinks have run out – if the bar is to revert to a cash bar once the free bar package ended, a license will be required & to do this & we require prior notice before your event takes place. In accordance with the 2003 licensing Act, under no circumstances we can convert to a cash bar without a license.

The safety of our staff and your guests is always at the forefront of our minds, and for that reason, it is important that our bartenders, staff & contractors operate in accordance with the 2003 licensing Act and reserve the right to refuse goods or services for whatever reason if in their opinion, the ‘customer’ or ‘guests’ display:

It is important to note, that whilst the fee covers the cost of the license application, there is no guarantee that the license will be granted and no guarantee that specific conditions pertaining to your event will not be imposed by the Council.