Model Railway Show


Dartmoor 009 GroupThe Dartmoor 009 Group

Meavy Parish Hall

Saturday 26th March, 10am to 4pm

Admission Free

A presentation that shows the skills of the group members in the display of working models.

The Dartmoor Railway Group is made up of a group of friends who decided to have a go at 009 narrow gauge modelling.

As they were all a bit short of space but fancied a large layout to run their trains over, they came up with the idea of meeting up and linking their own small layouts (modules) together to make a much bigger layout with lots of different environments, e.g. stations, quarries and yards, to run lots of trains between.

To achieve this, they use modular baseboards, all with common connections. These main boards (stations, yards etc.) are connected together using bridging (link) boards that span the gap between the main boards. This method has proved flexible and fun with the group meeting up for a regular operation session at Meavy Parish Hall.