Mitchell and Vincent

Music at MeavyMitchell and Vincent

Meavy Parish Hall
Mitchell and VincentFriday 18th May, 7:30pm

Tickets £8

Licensed Bar

Mitchell and Vincent are an acoustic duo with guitars and fiddles.

And David and Graham make their own instruments.

Knowing that they are both guitar makers, you are asking “Do they play their own guitars?” Dave does indeed play a guitar he made, It’s a wonderful sounding nylon strung classical guitar with a cedar top – they’ve done so many gigs in the last few years that it’s starting to look a bit tatty – but luckily Dave has a couple more he’s made as spares for when the time comes to retire the old girl! Graham finally got round to making himself a violin, which is now one of his gigging violins. They’re both making more instruments should you be interested in buying one.

And the music they play? Take a listen at Mitchell and Vincent Music.